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The West Virginia University Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute is bringing the same level of success and rapid advances that have occurred in areas such as heart disease and cancer to brain and spine health, and is developing partnerships and accelerating innovative technologies, treatments, and protocols. Through a new vision and strategic thrust for neuroscience at WVU, the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute is a global leader in the development and deployment of an array of initiatives and technologies to improve brain health. Examples include neuromodulation, robotics, brain-computer interface, and virtual reality. 

Over the next year, the Institute, along with its worldwide academic, government, and corporate partners, will unveil its groundbreaking programs and initiatives. The Institute’s leadership will also work closely with other WVU schools such as engineering and computer science, to develop new medical technologies, and collaborate with other medical specialties such as cardiology.

The West Virginia University Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute incorporates both the building and programmatic elements of the existing West Virginia University Blanchette Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute (BRNI), but has also expanded to include the clinical, research, and academic missions of NeurosurgeryNeurology, Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The Institute will spearhead efforts to develop innovative solutions for West Virginians and those across the world with neurological and psychiatric conditions ranging from Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s; autism to stroke; and paralysis to chronic pain, addictions, and traumatic brain injury. 

Neuroscience, including behavioral health and addiction, is one of WVU Medicine’s Signature Programs – areas of opportunity that allow WVU Medicine to target major health disparities more aggressively in the state and continue to deliver real medical solutions that will have the most resounding impact on the citizens of West Virginia.