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WVU biology student connects sense of smell to brain diseases

Studying how insects’ wing movements affect their sense of smell has the potential to explain underlying causes of disorders like schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease and shortness of breath, according to new research from West Virginia University.

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WVU grad student discovers potential target for cocaine- and amphetamine-addiction therapeutics

The NIDA has awarded Joshua Gross, a doctoral candidate in Drs. Siderovski's and Setola's labs, a $132,132 fellowship for a three-year study into the role that RGS12 plays in triggering and sustaining addiction.

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WVU report links fentanyl use to amnesia

A case led by Dr. Marc Haut suggests that a new reason fentanyl - alone or in combination with stimulants - may put substance users at risk, whether they know it or not. It may cause amnesia.

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WVU research examines a different culprit behind Alzheimer's disease

Graduate student Raymond Anderson is examining a specific form of a protein - called tau - that can sabotage neurons' ability to break down and clear out damaged proteins.

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