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2017 SURI student selected to present abstract at BMES annual meeting

A WVU undergraduate student and former neuroscience SURI intern has been selected as one of three WVU students to present an abstract at the 2017 Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) annual meeting on October 11-14, 2017, in Phoenix, AZ.

Hana Ulman, an undergraduate majoring in biomedical engineering, will travel to Phoenix to present her Summer Undergraduate Research Internship (SURI) program-based work entitled, “Effects of ambient room temperature fluctuation on C57BL/6 mice on sensori-locomotor behavioral outcomes.”

Over the summer of 2017, Hana worked with Dr. Candice Brown and Dr. Liz Engler-Chiurazzi on her project. The focus of her research was to assess the effects of ambient temperature fluctuations on sensori-locomotor performance in C57BL/6 mice. Additionally, ultrasonic vocalizations were recorded to measure the affective state of the mice.

“This research is important to biomedical research not only for animal welfare, but also to data integrity,” said Ulman. “This preliminary study provides insight into possible temperature-induced variability observed during functional assessment, and highlights the experimental significance of maintaining environmental factors within biomedical research facilities.”

During the BMES conference, Hana hopes to not only gain experience in communicating scientific research, but is also excited to make connections with other biomedical engineers from different universities all over the country. She also hopes to broaden her own knowledge and understanding of novel contributions in biomedical engineering, as well as to network with professionals currently in the field.

According to Hana, initially, biomedical engineering captivated her attention as it integrated her two favorite subjects: math and biology. “But,” said Ulman, “I have since learned so much more; the major is dynamic and ever-changing, and is truly at the forefront of medicine and technology.”

After completing her undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering at WVU, Hana hopes to either go to medical school or graduate school, specializing in a branch of neuroscience.

Congratulations on your hard work, and acceptance into the BMES conference, Hana!

Hana Ulman