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Charles L. Rosen, MD, PhD


 Charles L. Rosen



Neurosurgery; Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute; WVU Cancer Institute Research Programs

Graduate Training

New York University School of Medicine, MD, PhD

Research Interests

Dr. Rosen has led development on a novel mechanism for studying blast with a table top device.  This device has allowed blast to be readily studied on both rats and mice.  These studies have led to early identification of how mild TBI can result in behavioral changes, as well as possible biological mechansims by which this injury is occurring.  Dr. Rosen has also developed and studied a model of ischemia in aged rodents that utilizes a selective placement of a thrombus with a microcatheter in the middle cerebral artery.  He has been studying and has published on the use of this model to study the blood brain barrier, activation of the neuro-inflammatory cascade, as well as work on several potential neuroprotectants. He has extensive expertise on the use of rodent models of ischemia for studying the molecular mechanisms of ischemia. This model has been illustrative in demonstrating why certain agents have failed to translate from bench to bedside. It is hoped that the marriage of these expertise in two very different models of brain injury will allow for the identification of agents that will have a higher chance of success in translating to clinical utility   Dr. Rosen and his collaborators have recently completed successful studies on the use of bryostatin as a neuroprotectant in our acute model of rodent ischemia.  Identification of pharmaceuticals that may influence the brain response to TBI, such as manipulators of the ER stress pathway are under testing.

 In addition to this Dr. Rosen is Professor in the Department of Neurological Surgery.  Dr. Rosen has a very busy practice in neurovascular surgery as well as providing emergency neurosurgery services at four hospitals with a catchment area of over 1 million patients.  He frequently provides care to patients with neurovascular disease, such as stroke and aneurysms, as well as manages traumatic brain injury.  This unique combination of experiences allows Dr. Rosen to design and supervise clinically relevant experiments utilizing animal models with a focus on translation to clinical utility. As a practicing neurosurgeon, I have been treating TBI patients for nearly 20 years. There is huge unmet need for neuroprotection, and changing the way we manage both acute and chronic TBI.  Studies proposed in this grant are critical early steps at identifying such potential tools.

Lab Personnel

Jason Huber, PhD 
Associate Professor , Researcher

Xinlan Li 
Lab Technician 

Brandon Lucke-Wold MD/PhD 


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More publications: