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Addiction Research Group

The mission of this research group is to understand the neurobiology of addiction and evaluate addiction prevention, treatment, and harm reduction strategies. Members of this group share collective expertise from bench to clinic to community. The key goal is to reduce the addiction rate and addiction-associated morbidity and mortality by understanding the genetic underpinnings of addiction vulnerability, improving the quality of clinical care, and investigating the brain and psychosocial mechanisms that mediate each stage of the addiction cycle.

Faculty Members

Karen Anderson, PhD 

Melissa Blank, PhD 

Nicholas Brandmeir, MD, MS

Judith Feinberg, MD - Co-Group Leader

Robert L Goodman, PhD

Stanley M Hileman, PhD

Steven Kinsey, PhD 

Laura Lander, MSW, LICSW

James Mahoney III, PhD

Hawley Montgomery-Downs, PhD 

Adrienne K Salm, PhD 

Vincent Setola, PhD

David Siderovski, PhD - Co-Group Leader 

Carl R Sullivan, MD, FACP - Co-Group Leader

Shuo Wang, PhD

Erin Winstanley, PhD

HanTing Zhang, MD, PhD

Wanhong Zheng, MD