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Document Submission

In addition to the online application, students are required to submit the following supporting documents for their file:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)—a résumé that includes your educational background, awards received, research projects, work experience, volunteer activities, and other interests. Not all the information needs to be science-based; please list any significant awards, volunteer work, work experience, etc. that may be outside of science or academics. You may send this item to the Center's Administrator (Erica Stewart, see below) as an e-mail attachment.
  2. Official Transcript(s)—from all colleges/universities you have attended. These should be sent to the Center's Administrator directly from your institution, either as hardcopy via postal mail or as an e-mail attachment.
  3. Letters of Recommendation (2)—from academic references; signed, on institutional letterhead. These should be sent to the Center's Administrator (see below) directly from the recommender,as either hardcopy via post or as an e-mail attachment (preferred). Applicants are strongly encouraged to seek at least one recommender from a science-based reference (i.e., science professor, researcher, lab director, etc.).

Please note: All documents sent as a PDF must be unsecured. Your application materials will be combined into a single PDF once all materials are received, and secured PDFs are unable to be combined. Please ensure your recommenders are aware when sending your recommendation letters.

We are NOT able to accept transcripts or letters of recommendation sent by the student applicant. Transcripts must be received directly from the institution, and letters of recommendation must be received from the recommender. If these documents are submitted by the student, they will be considered unofficial, and your application will be incomplete. Thank you.

All application materials must be received by the deadline in order for your application to be considered for selection. 

Aside from the online application, all application materials should be submitted to:

SURI Program Administrator 
Attn: Erica Stewart, MBA
PO Box 9303
One Medical Center Drive
Morgantown, WV 26506