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SURI Housing


Interns will receive a $4,000 salary (before taxes) plus housing in a WVU dormitory on campus. For those opting for SURI housing, payment will be handled directly by the WVU BRNI. Space for our interns is presently reserved in WVU's Bennett Tower, part of the Evansdale Residential Complex (pictured). The ERC is located in the heart of our Evansdale Campus, a quarter-mile walk from the Health Sciences Center, and across the street from a Mountain Line bus stop. 

All dormitory rooms are fully-furnished, carpeted, air-conditioned, and wi-fi equipped. Each floor has two community bathrooms, a laundry room, and a lounge. The ERC also includes a dining center, a post office, a craft center, a computer center, a convenience store, a sandwich and coffee shop, and basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts and athletic fields. The ERC is close to the Student Recreation Center, and just a short walk from the WVU Art Museum, the Creative Arts Center, the Coliseum, grocery stores, and restaurants. 

Interns are not obligated to choose the SURI housing package and may secure their own housing arrangements in the Morgantown area. However, if a student decides not to accept a room in Bennett Tower, the SURI program's housing allowance will not apply. In addition, a three-month summer contract through private apartment complexes in town is generally difficult to secure. Most complexes only offer 12-month contracts. The best alternative is to sublet an apartment under contract with a WVU student who will be gone for the summer. If this option interests you, click on the links to browse classified ads from Craigslist and the student newspaper

If you are accepted into the SURI program, please keep in mind that there is a deadline to reserve a room in the SURI housing program. In other words, should interns wish to investigate alternative housing options, their "safety net" to reserve a room in the SURI housing program will only be available until March 31. If an intern has not contacted the SURI administrator to reserve a room in the SURI housing plan by this deadline, they will be obligated to find their own housing. 

Questions? Please contact the WVU BRNI business office at 304.293.6289.