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WVU BRNI launches unprecedented cross-campus recruitment effort for six new quantitative neuroscientists

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Addiction Research Group

The mission of this research group is to understand the neurobiology of addiction and evaluate addiction prevention, treatment, and harm reduction strategies.


Center for Basic and Translational Stroke Research

The mission of this Center is to understand and develop treatments for brain inflammation and cell death that result from stroke or other neural injury, such as traumatic brain injury.


Cognitive Neuroscience Group

The mission of this research group is to understand how the brain perceives, interacts with, and analyzes the external world by linking behavior and cognition to underlying neurophysiology and neural structure, primarily using humans as experimental subjects.


Sensory Neuroscience Research Center

The mission of this Center is to seek common mechanisms of representing the world across sensory systems, understand their development, and develop therapies for congenital and acquired sensory disorders.


Events & Activities

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Registration is now closed for the 2016 Neuroscience Retreat, which is scheduled for July 31 - August 1, 2016. More information about the Neuroscience Retreat can be found here.


WVU BRNI brings neuroscience thought leader to campus as part of Notable Neuroscientist series

As part of the Notable Neuroscientist seminar series, the WVU Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute hosted noted biologist and geneticist Dr. Gerry Rubin to campus on October 13 – 14, 2016.

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Dr. Simpkins wins national award for mentoring and research excellence

Dr. Simpkins was awarded the inaugural CTR Award at the National IDeA Symposium of Biomedical Research Excellence in Washington, D.C.

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Ramamurthy lab publishes two new papers, one selected for Faculty of 1000

Ramamurthy lab reveals role for ARL3 for protein trafficking and nucleus movement in photoreceptors, in new paper selected for Faculty of 1000.

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Five faculty, students win at WVU Innovation Awards

Five faculty and students from the West Virginia University School of Medicine have been recognized for their groundbreaking research at the Centers for Neuroscience.

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Erienne Olesh

Student Spotlight - Erienne Olesh

Erienne Olesh is a Neuroscience Graduate Student studying human movement impairments caused by stroke, with a focus on improving current rehabilitation methods.

Meet Erienne

Gordon Meares

Faculty Spotlight - Gordon Meares

Dr. Meares is an Assistant Professor of Microbiology, Immunology, and Cell Biology, whose research focuses on the basic mechanisms driving inflammation in the Central Nervous System (CNS).

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Faculty Mentoring

The goal of the faculty mentoring program is to ensure both the success of new faculty and their rentention at the institution.

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Graduate Training

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs in Biomedical Sciences, comprised of seven degree-granting programs, that reside in the Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy at the WVU Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center.

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Summer Undergraduate Research Internship (SURI)

For nine weeks in the summer, the WVU CN offers internships of research-intensive training for qualified undergraduate students. Our research opportunities incorporate molecular- to systems-level analyses of nervous system function.

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Job Opportunities


Open positions for neuroscience faculty members.

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Open positions for postdoctoral fellows in neuroscience.

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Open positions for research assistants, technicians, and laboratory staff.

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